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Unable To Remove Hard Drive Windows Home Server

Shan April 11, 2012 at 3:40 pm Hi, I'm not able to copy the data from the Home Server Hard Disk into another drive or folder. Very informative as I just read through all the comments afterword learning a few things. Install the one you connected via the bridge device in it's place. That should do it. http://mixtecadigital.com/unable-to/unable-to-repartition-mac-hard-drive.html

You may also want to consider having the faulty drive professionally looked at if the data is that important. This is painful and often stops responding. I was able to un-install the missing HDD successfully. Unfortunately when I try to install the 3TB drive, following the guide fromhttp://forum.wegotse...ves-in-whs-pp3/,I run into the same problem again???

On your advice I've also gotten the BDBB add-in and it's running right now. Blog powered by Typepad Member since 11/2004 Brad Wilson Powered by TypePad Now Trending: DIY: RFID music box with... Thanks for the info. Choose the database that you’re going to Compact and Repair.

So far, there's nothing special going on here. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read MorePrivacy & Cookies Policy Server and Workstation Reviews TrendingHeat IndexSORTFirefox is eating your SSD - here is Thanks in advance. Andrew Edney Sigge That is certainly part of it.

The "dead" drive was the second from the top, as the light was off completely, and the WHS console showed the drive as "missing". If the hard drive is an external hard drive, you can now safely unplug it from the Windows Home Server. I had previously kept all my data (Music, Video, Docs, etc.) on special partitions over several hard drives inside my primary desktop which were separate from my system HDD. Personally, I use the monthly PayPal method.  Thank you.

You will need to move your data to your WHS and then add the drives to the pool. Andrew Bill I bought an Acer Aspire H320(?) server running Windows Home Server so I could consolidate a ton of files from other desktop computers into one place. This experience has finally convinced me that Microsoft actually made the right decision not keeping the storage management solution from WHS 1 in the 2011 version! I had a drive fail on my this morning and when I searched Google for a good article to walk me through the steps this was the top result and based

If you do this wrong you can overwrite your failing system drive with the blank drive and then you've really lost everything you wanted to pull off of it. Low and behold, one of the hard drives is reporting an error. I have 4 WD 2 TB Green drives. When I check the "Shared Folders" page it shows just one folder as failing now, versus three when both of the top HDD's were in place.

Andrew Edney Dave - unfortunately its quite a slow process which can be made even slower depending on various factors including speed of disks, size of disks, AV, size of files this contact form The wizard even advises that this process could take several hours to complete. If it didn't remove successfully: Shut your server down. You posted under WHS v1 but I assume you are running another system.

Also I have read in various blog and forums that replacing the root drive can not be easily done. Thanks for the great "How To" site(s), and thanks for the answer. Light #1 is now off and there is no HDD in that slot, as predicted. have a peek here Or do I need to have a new drive to make it work?

I'd let the normal DE chkdsk run at least once as well (midnight and midday, if I recall correctly) - that should at least update the tombstones on D:\ to point Look in your registry under the following path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\Storage Manager\Disks\ look for the entries for your 3TB drive and delete them, also see if there are 768 gig drives, Rebooting the server would bring it back up on the network and everything would work fine for a little while.

There are some other messages, about backup service not running and the backup DB has errors, but those are a result of the failed HD.

Install the one you connected via the bridge device in it's place. Boot your server and proceed as if nothing had happened. Tech Envy hardware android Apple iphone ipadipad prototype Gadgets opinion review design Humor software eBook apps tools hack How-toFIxes for problems we’ve run into, ways to make stuff better or at I also keep getting a pop-up box in the Console's "Server Storage" page: "An unexpected error has occurred in the Windows Home Server Storage Manager".

There's a lot to love about this system, it's flexible, mostly reliable, simple to maintain and easy to expand. The Spin Retry SMART error is probably fine. Paul Kaiser Respective boot disks in reference to the various disk imaging software you could use, IE, Ghosts boot disk vs G4L boot disk. Check This Out anyone resolve this or open a new thread i'm unaware of.

I can the just add another drive if I need more space, and I can still do duplication to make the WHS server more easily recovered, but ZFS snapshots will get That should do it. Physically remove it. However it may be lo late for you, see if you can manually take your data off these drives.

The likely hood of 2-4 happening is very low, however, having another backup off of the machine at a regular basis would mitigate those risks. I click on "OK" and get the Server Storage sub-window on the right side of that page showing it is calculating the storage size, and the four drives I have are FYI: You can quickly access the Device Manager by going to the Start Menu, Right-Clicking on ‘My Computer' and selecting ‘Manage'. Sometimes the server will come up (after a number of hours of the blue info light flashing), and sometimes it won't (even after letting it sit for a couple days).

So I do so, and it starts trying to calculate space needed to move files off of the hard drive that doesnt even exist anymore. Further reading of this article suggests that by repairing the backup database I will lose all my PC backups.  That is not good news but at least I have my shares I had a WHS installation to play around with a few years ago and I think I'd like to give it another chance. Bill Sugden says: July 10, 2011 at 10:17 am I have made the server fail by pulling drives just to see what would happen .

I prefer the imaging method as Windows re-installations aren't always great, and i generally reserve them for when windows has taken a dive and is no longer usable/bootable. Dave. I shut the server down, removed the drive from the internal enclosure and put it in a different enclosure. Do I need to say that you should be patient? 6.